Gifting jewellery: Where to shop for jewellery in Antwerp?


Your budget and the occasion will probably determine the place where to go shopping for jewellery. In any case, you’ll want to go to a reliable jeweller to make sure you get good value for money. These are the best places to shop for jewellery in Antwerp.

For that very special occasion such as an engagement, you’re likely to invest more money in a unique and long-lasting piece of jewellery. The best place to shop, in this case, is at a certified jeweller. Antwerp’s certified jewellers bear the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label (AMB). They are given this quality label only if they are in full compliance with the strict rules of durability, safety, reliability, transparency and service. These jewellers are specialised in diamonds and premium quality jewellery; they also offer other high-end jewellery brands.

Furthermore, there is a very specific area in Antwerp where about twenty qualitative, creative jewellers can be found: de Gouden Straatjes (the Small Golden Streets). This walking tour takes you to the famous fashion district where jewellers are still at work in their workshops. There you can find jewellery for every style and budget!

The best place to start your quest for the perfect piece of jewellery, however, is probably DIVA, the diamond museum of Antwerp. In the museum, you’ll learn more about jewellery and diamonds and afterward, you can have a look in the jewellery shop on the first floor and in the museum shop on the ground floor. The diamond experts and their team will happily advise you when looking for that special gift. Both shops have free entrance so if you have a limited amount of time you can skip the museum and go straight to the shops!

Happy shopping!

Tine Stoop