Gifting jewellery: What jewellery to buy for which occasion?


Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or another special event… These are all occasions on which a piece of jewellery is often the ideal present to give, and of course, to receive. But what type of jewellery to give for what type of occasion? Let’s figure it out!

You probably know that some pieces of jewellery are more appropriate for a specific occasion than others. The best-known example is the ring. Being the ultimate symbol of love between two people, a ring is most commonly used to celebrate an engagement. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t offer a ring, for instance, on Valentine’s Day. In order to avoid confusion with an engagement ring, you can opt for a ring without a central gemstone.

Rings can also be given at births. In this case, the partner gives the new mum a ring with a birthstone; a gemstone that is linked to the month in which the baby is born. You can also have the ring engraved with the name and/or the birthdate of the new-born. This type of gift is trendily known as a “push present”.

“A graduation, a new job, an anniversary? A bracelet is often the perfect gift!”

Another thoughtful piece of jewellery to give is the bracelet. The bracelet often symbolizes friendship which makes it the perfect birthday present for a friend, a brother or a sister. Or why not give a bracelet to celebrate milestones such as graduation day, a new job or an anniversary? Add a personal touch to your gift with an engraved bracelet or a charm bracelet. For the latter, you can start with a basic bracelet and offer a new pendant, also called charm, for each milestone.

A necklace is a well-chosen piece of jewellery for children wanting to surprise their mother, for instance on Mother’s Day. Isn’t it a beautiful thought that she wears it close to her heart? A necklace with an engraved pendant or with a medallion with a picture is quite popular for this purpose. Another timeless piece of jewellery that is always greatly appreciated by mums is a beautiful string of pearls.

“Most women switch up earrings in accordance with their outfit and thus can never have enough.”

If you’re looking for more neutral, everyday jewellery to offer, earrings are a good choice. Women often switch them up in accordance with their outfit. A woman can never have enough earrings, that’s for sure! Basic ear studs are a good option as casual accessories, while earrings with pendants are the perfect jewellery for festive occasions such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Do you always have to wait for a special event to offer someone a beautiful piece of jewellery? Of course not! You can always surprise him or her on a totally unexpected moment. Success guaranteed!

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