Gifting jewellery: Do your research!


Jewellery is the perfect gift for many occasions. Finding the perfect piece of jewellery, however, is not that easy. Of course, you want the receiver to like and especially to wear your gift. It would be a waste of your efforts and money if your gift is to gather dust on some shelf, after all. Our number one tip? Do your research before entering a jewellery shop! Here’s how…

1) Pay attention to jewellery wearing habits

When offering earrings, it would be a pity to only find out afterwards that the receiver doesn’t have pierced earlobes, wouldn’t it? To avoid these kinds of scenarios, it is worthwhile paying attention to the receiver’s jewellery wearing habits. For instance, does this person like to combine multiple necklaces? An additional necklace would be a nice gift then. Or does she like to colour-coordinate her jewellery to her outfit? A piece of jewellery with a gemstone in a colour that is still lacking in her collection might be a good idea.

2) Have a glimpse in the jewellery box

Having a secret glimpse in the jewellery box can also reveal some useful information. Do you only see fine and delicate pieces of jewellery? Going for that bulky statement piece won’t be such a good idea. Or is there mainly yellow gold? Then better not opt for that silver or white gold bracelet.

3) Keep an eye out for subtle hints

Do pay attention to subtle hints. Oh yes gentlemen, women tend to do that more often then you think! Is she browsing a specific website? Showing you an Instagram account of a certain brand? Is she enthusiastic about a friend’s latest sparkly purchase? Carefully take note of these brands and descriptions.

4) Take her shopping without her knowing

How? You ask. Well, it’s simple: when on a stroll through the city together, try to casually stand still in front of a jewellery shop window. Most likely, she‘ll be pointing at her favourite pieces. Those are the ones you’ll want to remember!

Good luck with your quest for the perfect gift, Sherlock!

Tine Stoop